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If it were linux, I'd do it like this:

echo "w DST_FILE | q" | vim -Esu NONE -r SWP_FILE

I'm trying to do the same under windows with git's bash, but with no result. It hangs and doesn't create recovered file. This way it almost works:

vim -u NONE -r SWP_FILE

But I need to manually save the resulting file. The same happens when I run it from cmd with the same command:

echo "w DST_FILE | q" | vim -Esu NONE -r SWP_FILE
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Why don't you pass the Vim commands with -c?!

$ vim -u NONE -r SWP_FILE -c 'w DST_FILE' -c q
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Good question, as far as I remember, I pass commands to stdin because of the example in documentation. – x-yuri Jun 14 '13 at 14:02

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