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I am an usual Linux user and I got addicted to the ability of running commands from the terminal or the Run textbox (The one which has got AltF2 as default shortcut). In Windows 7, I'd like to work approximately the same way, using the underrated Run... textbox I can recall by Super+R shortcut.

The principal thing keeping me from using it as my principal way of starting processes is the fact I must write the entire name of the processes I want to launch. Is there a way of introducing an autocomplete feature like the one Bash has?

I'm not talking of an external terminal-like program which supports this feature, I'm talking about integrating that into the "Run..." textbox, so that I can recall it like the ALTF2 Linux one, and start processes from a lightweight and little command line.

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If you have the inline AutoComplete option selected in Internet options (no idea why it's there and not in Explorer!) as well as the Privacy options selected in Sart Menu properties, the run dialog will autocomplete commands you typed previously, and also paths you type. I think this is the best you can expect short of using some third party app that extends the feature. – Karan Jun 13 '13 at 17:41

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