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I've read that there are many mediaboxes which could be good options for being Miracast-receiver. However I'm looking to build my own HTPC, and I want it to support being a receiver of Miracast, as I currently have a device which can act as a Miracast source.

From my understanding, it seems this would require some specific Miracast supported Intel WiDi-hardware and software?

Will there be, or are there PCIe cards or motherboards which support Miracast as opposed to ONLY dedicated media boxes?

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Miracast has a certification authority which incidentally has a list of Miracast certified devices. There is a searchable list at Wi-Fi.org Certified Products Advanced Search for both sources (typically smart phones and such) and displays (typically TVs and media boxes). Just check the Miracast Source or Display checkboxes.

There is a PCIe device in the display list (which proves there are plans for supporting PCIe devices): Realtek dual-band 2x2 RTL8192DE HM92D01 PCIe Half Mini Card

As for software, I'm still not clear on how that will work out with current operating systems.

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