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I am trying to install CentOS6. I am using a bootble USB drive for installation.

During installation, my flash drive where the installation image is present is /dev/sda1. My actual internal hard drive is /dev/sdc. Another flash drive is /dev/sdb1

I do all the neccessary partitioning in /dev/sdc. Then I click Next. The installer asks where to install bootloader. By default /dev/sda is selected (which is the flash drive). I obviously want the boot loader to be installed on the hard drive. So I change it to /dev/sdc

Then I get this error "The installer has tried to mount image #1, but cannot find it on the hard drive"

When I googled around , I found this article which explains process of USB key creation and the page lists the exact error message. But as of now, I don't have any linux distro running in my machine. I do have virtual machines in my virtualbox. But I am not able to mount a ext3 partition with virtualbox.

So my question again - how can I proceed with the installation by installing the bootloader in hard drive.

Additional notes * I don't have a CD/DVD drive in my comp * The only installed OS in my comp presently is Windows. So I used Windows to make the bootable USB (using lili usb creator) * I don't have flash drives larger than 8GB

EDIT : I found that by changing the target of bootloader, I am actually breaking the source of installation image. So the installer no longer knows the source of installation ISO.

EDIT2 : I later found this article . i mounted /dev/sda1 onto /mnt/test/ And then I did cd /mnt/test and did ls. But i find no centos.iso in it. Is it because I used lili usb creator to create the bootable usb? Is it a absolute neccessity that the bootable usb has to be made from a linux environment?

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