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I am a NFS with a very restrictive limit on how much space we can take up on the hard-drive. I found out my .wine/ in my home folder is pretty big. I want to know if I can go ahead and remove it, as I never use wine, and the only time I have ever used it was by complete accident.

I don't want to just start deleting files though, so I was wondering if it mattered if I deleted it. I can not uninstall wine, as I do not have root privileges on the machine. I am hopeful user specific preferences are stored in this folder, but I wasn't sure.

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That folder should just contain Wine specific profile files and files installed in the virtual Windows-like environment via Wine. Its basic structure is easily recreated by just running wine again.

You could/should check why it takes up a lot of space, though, so you don't accidentally delete some useful data that you have forgotten about. I just did a test, and a clean Wine profile directory takes up 16 MB on my system — if yours is a lot larger, you probably have something hidden there.

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Super thanks for the info man. – nook Jun 13 '13 at 21:41

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