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I'm working with GoDaddy via SSH, and I noticed that the OS (CentOS 5.8) doesn't have yum. It does seem to have wget and rpm, but it doesn't have make, so I ran into a wall when trying to install yum after grabbing it with wget. I haven't used CentOS much at all, and I've done quite a bit of googling with no success. Hopefully someone here can help out, thanks!

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Does help? I realise that 5.8 is not in the list, but maybe you can tweak e.g. the version 5.7 one from the list to match your needs? – tink Jun 14 '13 at 1:32
Thanks, I found the correct packages here; however, it won't end up working for me (see my answer below). – MuffinTheMan Jun 14 '13 at 3:51

Download yum RPM package from public repositories, like: here

# wget /URL/to/repo/yum-VERSION.rpm

Try to install it:

# rpm -ivh yum-VERSION.rpm

It will require dependencies (6-8 RPMs). You can get them in the same repositories.

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After calling GoDaddy for the second time yesterday, I finally found out that we're on a shared hosting plan (which I suspected but was unsure of, since I didn't handle setup and didn't look into it), so I can't get root access--which basically means no installing anything. I was told that their other plans (such as those granting a virtual private server) come with yum installed.

If you actually were in a situation where you had rpm but not yum, you should be able to grab the packages here for CentOS 5.8 (you can find others by starting here--or back another directory). You should then be able to do something like rpm -Uvh and so on to install the required packages.

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