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Does anybody know if there is a practical way to determine the cause of the "Aw Snap" message that occasionally appears on Google Chrome? Does Chrome have an error log I can refer to? I'm suspecting this issue is caused by a recursive loop in the code which is then swallowing up all the memory? Is there any way I can confirm this?

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THere is, see explanations here: for ordinary logging in Chrome, you could try this and this for javascript.

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I think the first option will help isolate this problem. The dev console hangs before it can output anything of use. – QFDev Jun 14 '13 at 9:02
I enabled the log and upon chrome crash, it didn't logged any error at the time of crash. Is there any reference that could provide insights into the log items? – Khadim Ali Jan 25 at 13:49
Is this chromium page about logging.h what you want? – vinnief Jan 26 at 20:32

The offical Chrome Developers Twitter account linked to a website which helps you to debug the "Aw snap" pages:

The recommendation is to launch Chrome with these flags:

--enable-logging --v=1

If you do that, then you can grab a crash log from the file chrome_debug.log in Chrome's user data directory (in the parent directory of Default/) or in the binary build folder (out\Debug) if you are using a debug build.

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