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I am forced to work on a Windows 8 machine that I have no administrative rights for. It seems that the built-in pdf viewer does not support to print only odd or even pages. Which pdf viewer (or other software) should I suggest the admin to install on my machine so that I have this feature available?

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You can take this one:

Open Odd numbered pdf file in Adobe reader ( Here I am taking a pdf file with 81 pages, 81 is an Odd numbere ). Press Ctrl+P to print the document. Select Subeset: Select Odd pages only Under the print rage Settings. Now print all the odd numbered pages, ie: 1,3,5,7,9,11,.....81.

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I press ctrl+p to bring up the windows print dialog. I then click "preferences" to bring up the "printing preferences" menu. I then click "advanced."

In the Advanced Options menu expand the Document Options folder and then expand the Printer Features folder. Under Printer Features you will see "Pages to print - print all pages." If you click on "print all pages" it will present a drop down menu giving you the option to print all pages, print odd pages only or print even pages only.

I hope that helps.

Also if you are using Chrome press ctrl+shift+p to bypass the chrome print dialog and go strait to the windows8 print dialog.

PS please be sure to tell your I.T. department how much windows 8 is slowing down your productivity and wasting company money. I hate Windows 8.

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I have not tried Windows 10 yet. I really want directx12 on my windows 7 machine. :( – Indiana Gividen Nov 4 '15 at 15:22

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