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When setting screensavers options in Ubuntu, my only choices are : - to leave the screen blank - to select a specific screensaver - or to ask Ubuntu to change screensavers at random

I seem to recall being able to select which screensavers I wanted to appear in the random rotation, but on the latest Ubuntu, that option seems to have disappeared.

How can I choose which screensavers I want in the random mode ?

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To enable that feature you need to install xscreensaver.

Here is how you can replace gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver:

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That link is from 2006. Have the commands changed ? – Manu Oct 26 '09 at 19:09

use xscreensaver with Random Same Saver

This option only appears if you have multiple monitors. This is just like Random Screen Saver, except that the same randomly-chosen display mode will be run on all monitors, instead of a different one being run on each.

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