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It would make it much easier to share my JS script with folks if they didn't have to install a plugin.

On safari it's possible to use Cmd+number (I think) to directly load the n-th bookmark from the bookmark bar.

I need to run a JS script in my client when I am in a child-window (as that's where the webapp lives) and am finding it impossible to do from Chrome because you cannot bring up the bookmarks bar inside of a child window.

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My workaround which does work for my company's site is to just drag the URL over to an ungimped Chrome window, which sees it loading up just fine in there and I can then run my bookmarks freely.

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SiteLauncher is a free extension for Google Chrome that gives you fast, tidy and beautiful single tap access to your favorite sites.

  • Set shortcuts to all your favorite sites and web-apps any place that has a URL
  • Open shortcuts by keyboard, mouse or touch

The Shortcut Manager makes it easy to add, edit and remove shortcuts. Each shortcut can point to any site, web-app, webpage you wish—if it has a URL you can make a shortcut to it. Option to set a keyboard letter to each shortcut gives you super-fast keyboard navigation from the Launcher—you don't even need to hit Enter!

I am in absolutely no way related to the software.

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