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im new here, hope you guys can help me out.
i was tasked to do the network (wireless and wired) of our new department in our company.
our existing network has dhcp server(Windows Server 2003) and a Proxy Server.
heres what ive done so far.

main network (dhcp and proxy server)  
switch (for wired users) - no problem here, user can connect to the internet.  
access point (for wireless users) - AP dhcp is disabled and is connected to Switch  
user have the correct ip address coming from the dhcp server(Windows Server 2003)  
users cannot connect to the internet.  

what is missing here guys, please help me.

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That in general is a working setup - but is it a transparent proxy? If not, the wireless clients may be trying to connect directly to the internet. Make sure they're configured to use the proxy.

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hi JimG. i have configured the users internet options to use the proxy, i tested it using the wired, and its working, but when i try to connect trough the AP, i cannot connect to the internet. – ytse_jam Jun 14 '13 at 19:53

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