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I've setup a server with Windows Server 2012 and I have 2 clients (my Laptop and my PC, just to give you the context). I will not demand to access the program twice. I use the server mainly as a file server.

What I want is to be able to safely disconnect from a RemoteApp without closing it and without "restarting" it. I want to be able to "continue" the application just as I can continue a remote desktop connection.

I've read Windows 2008 Server RemoteApp. How to keep the app running after disconnected from the server and I think it is a similar question, but for one the Windows version is different and for the other I have already managed to run a remote application by making a few entries in the servers registry and creating the RDP-file (and modify it).

So let's say the program I want to keep "open" even after disconnect is xchat or mirc... imagine I've joined some channels and then decided I want to shutdown my client, but I don't want to shutdown the application. I just disconnect and continue from my Laptop. How would I go about this? At the moment I've got the impression that I "hacked" my way solution (following this:, but even if I disconnect using tsdiscon from the server console, once I reconnect the connection of this program is reset (as if the program is started anew).

My server is not a AD DS server, because I don't think I need a domain at all nor am I saving profiles on my server. How can I make use of RemoteApp properly if possible - or is there perhaps some other way to accomplish this?

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If you are doing all this just to keep an IRC client open, aside from testing RemoteApp, look into setting up a bouncer (ZNC being a good one) - – LawrenceC Aug 9 '14 at 21:19
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You can use the Icon in the system tray to disconnect without closing anything.

You right click on it and choose disconnect from all or the specific session.

System Tray Icon

You will also need to make sure that the session collections is set to not end a disconnected session.

enter image description here

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