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I have a directory my_website/public, which I did chmod 777 on. I set up a cronjob to delete all the files in my_website/public/photos/* But I got an email notification saying that rm does not have permission to remove the files in there. Why is that?

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Which unix are you using? There has been a similar question for ubuntu:

If I were you I would do the setup procedure again making sure that all command are done recursively i.e. chmod -r and rm -r since you might have chmodded the directory but not the files therein and not a subdirectory. If you're using ubuntu you might want to look into more specific resources how its cron is working.

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Thanks for your response. The files in my photos directory are new every day. If I chmod -r today, will it also affect files coming into the directory tomorrow? – Paul S. Jun 15 '13 at 5:01

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