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I have been sent a massive pdf with over 500 pages, of which I only need the final 30 or so. Is there a way I can save just the last pages as a seperate pdf document?

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Check my out the answers over at AskUbuntu. The Q&A orimarily concerns Linux and Ubuntu but some of the tools shown there are cross-platform and should work on Windows as well (e.g. pdfsam). – Glutanimate Jun 15 '13 at 12:17
@Glutanimate My god that looks tough. I thought there would be a feature similar to printing, where you can just select a range of pages – John Jun 15 '13 at 12:21
Well, it's Linux, so some things are admittedly tougher than on other platforms. Another method that just came to my mind is using a PDF printer to output a PDF file. With this I suppose you would be able to set the page range in the same manner as you would when printing a file. But I fear I can't help you with setting it up since I've never used one before. Other users might be able to do so, though. To anyone reading this: Feel free to compile an answer based on my suggestions (or other ideas for that matter). – Glutanimate Jun 15 '13 at 12:28

The easiest way is to install a PDF printer like PDFCreator (As Glutanimate already mentioned)

enter image description here
Example with PDF-X Change Viewer and PDFCreator

  • Download & install a PDF printer (there are many alternatives which work similar)
  • Open your PDF with your favority software like Adobe Reader or PDF-XChange Viewer
  • Open the print dialog
  • Choose your newly installed Printer
  • Head down to the section where you choose the pages you want
  • Click print and you will be asked for a destination and file name
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I just tried doing the same in Foxit Reader and it works in the same way using its inbuilt PDF printer. You could try looking in your reader print menu for a similar option. – BrianA Jun 15 '13 at 14:54

This can be done using the commandline tool PDFtk (= the PDF Toolkit).


pdftk A=in1.pdf cat A130-160 output out1.pdf

As suggested in other answers, "printing" the required pages to a PDF printer is a good option. My favorite for this is doPDF.


In case you don't like commandline tools, you can control PDFtk using Dirk Paehl's GUIPDFTK:

enter image description here

Just enter the page number range as "CAT from:" and "CAT to:".

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