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I have a network printer (using a Raspberry Pi as a server with CUPS and SANE), I can print fine from any computer to the printer but it will not print anything from Notepad, what is the cause of this?

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Can you print from any other program on Windows (the browser, Wordpad, etc.) on that same computer? They should all be using the same printer driver as on Notepad. Make sure Notepad is set to print to the right place tool – supercheetah Jun 15 '13 at 13:35
I can print from any other program, Chrome, Word, etc – Colin747 Jun 15 '13 at 13:36
Can it print to a file? – supercheetah Jun 15 '13 at 13:39
The file does not seem to be saved anywhere, I am not prompted for a save location so I assume it would be normally saved in Documents – Colin747 Jun 15 '13 at 13:49

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