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I have a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop and a Bamboo graphics tablet. Usually I use the combination for my graphics work and the Bamboo-provided default app to take notes but... I noticed Photoshop could be used for that as well: just jotting down (scribbling) hand-written notes. My screen resolution is 1680x1050, how should I best configure a "New Document" for this?

  • using Bamboo pen
  • handwriting
  • either dark on light or light on dark (good colour combinations are accepted but it is not the main focus of the question)
  • resolution (this is the main focus of the question.. should it just be "72" and the other measurements be in "pixels"? or is this an overkill for a "screenful" representing a page of "e-paper"?)
  • what is a good brush to use for handwriting?
  • are "square pixels" the best option? why?
  • I am using depth 32-bit but I think this is wasteful.. contours are smooth but maybe I am wasting a lot of space?

In summary, a nice "turn key" recommendation would be great.

Also, am I doing it wrong? Should all of this be created using vector and not raster?

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