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How can I find matches just Around text same as this:

if(strcmp(cmdtext, " /x ", true) == 0)

if(strcmp(cmdtext, " /y ", true) == 0)

if(strcmp(cmdtext, " /z ", true) == 0)

Basically, I want to find matches in this format: if(strcmp(cmdtext, " and ", true) == 0)

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If you make sure Search Mode is set to Regular Expression and . matches newline is not selected, either of the following should work:

if\(strcmp\(cmdtext, ".*?", true\) == 0\)
if\(strcmp\(cmdtext, " /. ", true\) == 0\)

If on the other hand you want to replace the middle section with something else (for example /a) and retain the left and right sections, use this:

Search: (if\(strcmp\(cmdtext, ").*?(", true\) == 0\))

Replace: \1 /a \2

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