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I do not see any way to use Windows 7 search to search file content ONLY w/o it also including file names. For example, how do you search for files that contain "L:\" and only files that CONTAIN "L:\"? I do not want a list of files that have that in their name (filespec) but only a list of files that have that in their content.

Someone suggested L:\ System.FileName:NOT ~L:\ but that excludes all files with L:\ in their name (filespec) including the ones that contain "L:\".

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I believe this is as simple as:

contents: L:\

You may need to make sure you've switched on the option to "Always search file names and contents"

Sorry, I don't have Windows 7 to test this, but it works fine on Windows 8.

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This possibly requires Natural Language Search component, if you have custom (stripped) version of Windows, you may have it removed. –  gronostaj Jun 16 '13 at 7:03
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Found filter option 'content:'. So use the filter option 'content:L:\'.

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That's what I put in my answer, about 5 minutes before you :) (content: or contents: works fine) –  misterjaytee Jun 16 '13 at 6:47
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