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DriveImage fails to execute "Drive to Drive" operation. Since the 1TB hard disk is dying, I decided to move the System Drive to newly bought HDD.

It said, unable to retrieve drive layout.

The source drive is a 1TB hard disk ( at Disk 0 , MBR ) , with 4 partitions + 1 System Reserved :

  • System Reserved 100MB NTFS (System, Active, Primary Partition)
  • C: 99.0GB NTFS (Boot, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
  • P: 300.0GB NTFS (Primary Partition)
  • M: 300.0GB NTFS (Logical Drive)
  • Z: 231.51GB NTFS (Logical Drive)

The destination drive is 3TB hard disk ( at Disk 3 , GPT ) , with 2 partitions :

  • X: 200.0GB NTFS (Primary Partition)
  • W: 546.39GB NTFS (Primary Partition)

Another problem: when I right click on X: drive of Disk 3, the option "Mark Partition as Active" is disabled. Why ?

Note: OS is Windows 7

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I just had the same issue. Actually, your drive must be converted to MBP instead of GPT. You can convert it into the Windows Disk Utility program.

Hope this helps !

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You can do this in Windows Disk Utility program but need to first delete all partitions. You have to actually right click on where it says 'Disk 3' (to the left of the graphical representation). At first glance it doesn't look like it's clickable but clicking on the graphical disk won't give you the menu. – Simon Feb 4 at 23:42

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