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I have a really odd problem. I had a raspbian installation on a raspberry pi running mysql and mysql workbench. Everything was working fine, then I tried to import a backup db on to the pi using mysql workbench on my windows machine. My windows machines workbench stopped responding so I ended up killing the process. I the started workbench on the pi and went to the server admin, where the process details usually show was a large red rectangle with a cross through it. So I restarted the pi and since then I can not get mysql workbench to start up. I formatted the sd card and reinstalled my backup (on which I know for certain that mysql workbench was working) but again when I tried to run it the splash screen appears and then vanishes but workbench does not start. I then used a different card which also had mysql workbench installed and still it did the same, so I uninstalled mysql workbench and reinstalled it but no luck.... So I tried the cards in a different pi and yet still the same result. Even more strange is that when I run sudo mysql-workbench from the terminal it runs fine but there are no database instances showing (I know that there were instances saved on the backup installation).

However if I connect to the pi using windows mysql workbench I can connect to the database server without issue.

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