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I have an ASUS ZENBOOK UX31A with windows 8 installed on it, I recently tried to start the laptop, and it just doesn't do anything, it won't turn on any lights, no reaction what so ever.

If I plug in my adapter the led get's green (which means it's fully charged), but still it won't start, what ever I do.

I've read that taking out the battery and waiting a bit, can work, but that also can void the warranty. so preferably I won't do that if there are other solutions

does anyone have any hints on how to start up the computer?

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Ok, it suddenly started, now updating bios, hoping this was the problem :) EDIT: didn't work, back to trying to turn it on :( –  Kiwi Jun 17 '13 at 16:03

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The problem was a loose connector in the computer, if you have the same problem of some keys stop working; just open it up and push the keyboard connector back in it's place :)

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