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I've got the following problem: For some reasons (maybe thick walls) my WLAN reception in one part of my flat is very poor.

I tried out a WLAN repeater but the problem is that it creates a second network and my devices sometimes are still connected to my original (shitty) one when walking around the flat.

I'd like to have a solution where I just have one single network. I've heard about Access Points...

In my case I have a network cable available. So is it possible to connect an access point or a router with my LAN cable to the network and use it as an extra antenna for spreading my one network?

And if so what device and which configuration do I need?


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Just to clarify some things. A consumer level router is two to three devices in one, a two port router (one port exposed as the "WAN" port, one port connected to the switch), a network switch, and a sometimes a wireless access point. So you have been using a wireless access point this whole time, you just did not know it.

If you have a spare wireless access point (and this could be one built in to a old router with all the features like DCHP turned off) all you need to do is connect your network like this

Internet -------- (WAN port)[Router with built in access point](LAN Port) ------------ (LAN PORT)[stand alone access point(or a 2nd router with built in or access point)]

You then set both routers to the same SSID but set them on different channels (keep them 5 away from each other for best performance, like channel 1 and 6). Your computer should automatically hop on to the strongest access point it can find transparently.

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Here is one of the best discussions about the different wireless router linking methods DD-Wrt Linking Router Be aware that each mode support depends of your router firmware. I'm currently using WDS to do just what you want to do but without an UTP linking both routers. I have yet to confirm if the same SSID can be configured on bouth wireless routers

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