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I have about 10 or so Steam games and I am installing a new computer...

Do I install the Steam Client on the new computer then just copy c:\program files (x86)\steam from Windows 7 to the same folder in Windows 8? And, do I find and copy all of the game folders from my \user folder as well?

I'm just going to Windows 8 and haven't figured it all out yet. I'm copying all my stuff from c:\ to an external drive so I'll have it accessible all of the time.

Any other pointers you can give me about the transition to Windows 8 would be appreciated too.

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I think Steam has a “Backup games” menu item; use that. Also, you should install Steam fresh on Windows 8; copying Program Files folders is asking for trouble with the registry and such. –  minitech Jun 17 '13 at 23:35

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Install steam, fresh, on the Windows 8 computer and login. Unless your internet connection is really slow you should just go to library, and double click the games you want to re-install and let them download.

You can copy the steam folder over and then re-install steam on top of that. This will preserve your game downloads. Beyond that copy and paste the save games folders within my documents and paste them on the new PC.

That should be it.

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