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I was trying to install the Vibrant Ink Geany theme, and ended up with it not working. As far as I understand, the filetype defintions weren't working or something. Screenshot.

I messed around with a little bit, and accidently moved my backup when restoring it instead of copying it, did stuff, then deleted it, intending to restore a backup that I'd just deleted, and then proceed to screw up C-z.

Could someone either explain to me how to get Vibrant Ink to work, or where to find Geany's global config files?

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The only thing I have found is this:, which is a very partial answer to my question.

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Geany is generating geany.conf and such based on default values inside source code if not existent.

Filetypes etc are stored at /usr/local/share/geany if you have installed Geany on your own from sources into defaults.

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