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I am using Wowza for live streaming. When streaming is done the recorded file of streamed video is stored in content folder. I set this video as VOD. The problem is that the video is downloaded by Download manager. I want to prevent it from downloading. Is there any way in Wowza to protect content folder video from downloading?

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I'm afraid this is a bit like creating a language which can only be spoken by Finnish people - as long as one application is able to download a file, every other application running in the same context will be able to download it as well. You can try to circumvent this in a myriad ways, such as detecting how the client identifies itself (easily spoofed), using a proprietary protocol (much more work for you and the end user), or even encryption built into the downloading client. However, even in the very worst case a download manager can simply emulate a user inside the client, and then you're just as far.

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