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I need to synchronize folders in a team of several people.

  1. syncs should be automatically or the people will forget about syncing.
  2. subgroups should be possible so that some folders are shared with only a few people in the organisation.
  3. people are working together, so syncing should happen over LAN if possible and Internet if not.
  4. I need to keep in sync very big files, so cloud storage is not an option (too expensive for huge files).
  5. there are people using windows and mac in this group, linux may be a possibility in the future.
  6. there are no IT experts in the group and there are no material means to have a server running, so I need something easy to use and that is not dependent on a server up-time.

I know there are similar questions, but working on Mac is a must have for my group of people/computers. Previous answers do not address this list that I consider fairly general and not specific to my case.

The point is to use something similar to Dropbox, really (really) easy to use for everybody, without (necessarily) syncing with the Internet. I know Dropbox can transfer the files to the peers in a LAN independently (thus faster) from the server communication, however:

  1. communication with the server is still happening and using valuable bandwidth.
  2. space limitations, some files could be huge.

So that's why this should be completely decentralized and p2p. I hope everything is clear, please ask for clarification if something is not.

Thank you.

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How could this be off topic if it's nearly a duplicate of two other questions? –  Trylks Jun 19 '13 at 10:32
I found bittorrent sync and even though it's not very mature yet it looks very promising. –  Trylks Jun 26 '13 at 6:53
If you reword your question to the format of "I need to do _____" rather than "I want software with these specific features," then it will fit our acceptable format for shopping questions and can be re-opened. –  nhinkle Jun 28 '13 at 19:40
@nhinkle - I have reworded it, please tell me if more rewording is necessary. Thank you. –  Trylks Jul 1 '13 at 17:19