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I followed this guide to compile QEMU so that I could run a Raspberry Pi Archlinux image in it - which I learned how to do in this guide.

I'm trying to run x-server on the virtualized Archlinux image, but to do so, I must have a graphics device. I installed some generic drivers (i.e. Vesa) for now, but my QEMU isn't showing any graphics devices to be available.

As a startup parameter, I tried -vga cirrus which gave me the error:

Error: Cirrus VGA not available

I then tried to have QEMU emulate a different graphics device using the -vga std parameter, but then got this error:

Error: standard VGA not available

Where do I go from here? I have a gut feeling that this issue is due to the fact that I compiled QEMU myself for ARM. I've looked up the error message, but I can't seem to find anything relevant to my issue.


  • The host is Ubuntu x64 12.04
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VGA is a (more or less) x86-specific standard. As such, it is not available on ARM. A similar question was answered here: You can obtain graphics support using the ARM Versatile baseboard.

Seeing how your guide already sets the -M versatilepb option, you should be good to go as is. The kernel you're using already has support for the graphics solution on the emulated board.

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