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I recently acquired an Envision G2219w1 LCD monitor. I estimate that it's about 5 or 6 years old, but it's in really good physical condition, however, when I plug the monitor into any computer (I've tried with two laptops and my desktop, with VGA and DVI), the screen looks almost smoky due to the high amount of contrast.

When I open the monitor's OSD, the colors are completely perfect, the blue, red and green all shows up crisp and clear as if the monitor is brand new, but only on the OSD. If I go into the area to change the contrast and brightness, the contrast bar seems to be broken or bugged, as it goes to 255 and doesn't go higher/lower when I try to adjust the level. The smokiness of the screen doesn't change, but the screen does get darker or lighter depending on how long I hold the button to change the value.

Underneath the high contrast/smoke, the screen is fine, text shows up and images display correctly, but there's nothing that I have found online or toying around with Windows 7's settings/resetting the display to factory defaults that have fixed this issue.

Is there any hope of fixing this monitor without sending it in for a costly repair, or should I just trash it?

Thank you.

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