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I have a title which I want to give a top margin. However, specifying a paragraph spacing before the title doesn't work if I don't have a paragraph above the title.

How can I make my title have a margin top even if it is on a new page with no paragraph above ?

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A simpler approach is to put an empty paragraph above the title. Then “Spacing Before” works:

                example of spacing by dummy (empty) paragraph

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One solution is to select the title paragraph and open the Borders and Shading dialog:

Borders and Shading dialog

Assign a white top border to the paragraph, and then click Options.  Set the Top value as desired.

Now the title text will have a top margin; i.e., it will be pushed that far down from the top of the page.

However, it is not possible to get down further than 31pt.

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If you've found your solution, then the best thing is to post it as an answer here (like you have done); and accept it. That will take it off the Unanswered list. – vincebowdren Jun 19 '13 at 15:45
Okay, I'll be able in two days and I will. – Xaltar Jun 19 '13 at 15:49

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