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Alright, this drives me crazy. I'm using gvim and it defaults to using a Swedish keyboard layout. Is there some way of changing that to an English one? I don't have access to setxkbmap on this system, for some odd reason. So I don't think I could do it on an OS level. I don't care whether it stays English when I'm in insert mode or not, but I really need it to be English for command mode.


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Gvim menu: Edit > Keyboard Layout helps? – LIttle Ancient Forest Kami Jun 19 '13 at 13:28

Option 'keymap' allows changing the meaning of keys on insert mode, while 'langmap' does the same in `normal and visual mode.

Note that these options requires Vim compiled with +keymap and +langmap. You can check if they are available on your Vim with command :version.

Another option is using another external layout switcher, as xkb-switch. There is a vim plugin that may be used to access it: vim-xkbswitch : Automatic Keyboard Layout Switcher

I don't know about Swedish keyboard, but this plugin may also be useful: translit3 : Plugin used for text transliteration.

Last, additional information can be found on this answer to a similar question.

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