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I have a legal and activated copy of windows 7 professional. However for some reason my wallpaper keeps disappearing and defaulting to black?

I have no idea why, please help.

I have already tried doing this, but I am not running windows 7 beta...

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When is it doing this? during reboot? – MDT Guy Jun 19 '13 at 15:57

I get this from time to time, I suspect its because I use BGInfo, which stores my wallpaper in the TEMP directory.

If you're setting it via IE and/or modifying it via BGInfo or a similar utility, it may be stored in the %TEMP% directory. If you or another program are cleaning this directory out regularly, when the systems boots, it can't find the last known location of the image. Try saving the wallpaper to a specific location (like your pictures folder) and set it from windows explorer, not IE.

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  • Check your graphics card for updates.

  • Make sure, that nobody is connected via Teamviewer because Teamviewer disable your wallpaper always when a new customer is connecting to your computer

or this

yes it is called windows genuine advantage notification. every time you set the back ground & reboots the computer it shows up.

it is the file executing named- wgatray.exe it is present at C:\Windows| folder. Go there & delete that file. (you can search it also )

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If the installation is legit why would the author delete the file? – Ramhound Jun 19 '13 at 16:26

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