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I have imported some clips, which are named MOV001, MOV002, etc. If I switch the Resources window view mode to "text", I can see there are two columns: Title and Comments. I can't figure out how to input a string that would be displayed in the Comments column alongside the clip file name.

The reason I want to do that is to briefly describe the clips content without having to rename the on-disk file.

I right-clicked on a clip and then on the "Info" menu item, but couldn't see any "Comments" field in there.

The Cinelerra manual page about the Resources window doesn't mention the Comments column.

Google didn't provide any useful information either.

(For the record I'm using Cinelerra CV 2.2 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04.)

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I noticed there isn't a Cinelerra tag yet. I think creating one would be useful, as there's already a bunch of Cinelerra-related questions here. – Marcello Romani Jun 19 '13 at 15:59
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Raffaella Traniello has an excellent tutorial on Cinelerra. She kindly answered my question pointing me to a bug report which confirms the problem.

Unfortunately, that bug report is 4 years old as of this writing, which makes me think it's unlikely that it'll be fixed anytime soon.

Cinelerra 4.4 was released on 9/7/12. Since I'm using version 2.2, I should definitely give that a try. Unfortunately, it looks like that version is only provided as a source tarball, with a warning that code might need some tweaks to compile... O_o

EDIT: comments can be entered when creating "clips" out of media files; those comments can also be edited afterwards by right-clicking on the clip in the Resources window and selecting "Info" (clips are not media files).

share|improve this answer offers precompiled cinelerra-4.4 debian packages (haven't tested them though). – Marcello Romani Jun 20 '13 at 12:58

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