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I've changed my list of windows 7 services a bit too much, so if anyone would be kind enough to export theirs, id be very grateful.

PS. I'm on Home Premium x64

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Black Viper has "default services" registry files available for all flavours of Windows 7, with extensive service-related information.

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Note, that's a very brief "intro" to the treasure trove of information compiled at Black Viper. Surely a resource that should be bookmarked on any superuser's machine. :) – JMD Oct 26 '09 at 18:02
I was unable to locate .reg files there btw. – Pavel Vlasov May 22 '13 at 9:52

Download Squad has the solution for you!

Services Editor: it gives you a text file with the default services, which you can use to restore!

Microsofts Operating System is the most advanced a#nd indeed one of the best choices for people around the world. However people often forget you can get alot more speed from the system by editing what Services are running. Say for example you don't have a printer, it's unlikely you will need to print spooler service from running. People often run the Windows service editor when they first install their new operating system - but they have to edit each service one by one.

This obviously takes alot of time and indeed alot of effort. allows users to quickly run down a list, choose what action they want for the service and then download a quick and easy registry file which updates their PC's running services! Simple.

Our service manager is the easy way to quickly edit the services that run on your computer. We've made our service safe to use - you can't disable services which may result in the loss of data. Although you should read up about each service before you edit it's default action you can use our service manager is the knowledge that we provide a easy way to mass edit your Windows® services. Unlike the Windows® default service editor you can edit what services you run all at once and then get a registry file to quickly download and run. To get started please select your operating system!

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