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In RHEL 5.5 Linux, I have a Folder //ELG which is a Mount location on shared Directory //AMC [ type cifs (rw,mand)]

Inside //ELG/X1/SMART001 there are 3 files of 200 MB size

  • //ELG/X1/SMART001/A1.odf 60MB
  • //ELG/X1/SMART001/A2.odf 70MB
  • //ELG/X1/SMART001/A3.odf 70MB

I am using the below command to Copy contents from One folder to other from shell

cp -R "//ELG/X1/SMART001" "//ELG/X1/VIA001"

This is taking a lot of time (more than 1 hr) to perform the Copy.

Am I doing something wrong here? is there an alternative and faster way to perform this? Please help me

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You could try using a different IO scheduler. I once had a similar problem with external devices (with a different filesystem, though). Write access was terribly slow. Please note that I'm on Ubuntu and not sure where RHEL is different (however a few minutes of googling show that it seems to be roughly the same).

The following code works on my Ubuntu, please check what the RHEL analogy is:

The default IO scheduler is CFQ, you could try "deadline".

To list the available io schedulers use this command.

cat /sys/block/sdb/queue/scheduler  

This should return noop anticipatory deadline [cfq]

To change your scheduler to deadline use the following command on the appropriate device.

sudo echo "deadline" > /sys/block/sdb/queue/scheduler

You can read more about it here: RHEL IO Scheduler

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