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If I mistype a URL, Chrome sometimes redirects me to a search. For instance, typing "example_url_i_sometimes_mistype.conm" into the location bar gets me:

Your search - example_url_i_sometimes_mistype.conm - did not match any documents.

Not only is this annoying, but if the mistyped URL was one on private DNS, I've now just told Google that the domain exists. (A small concern, but bad in principle.)

Can I configure Chrome to just show an error and not blab to Google Search about it?

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I think you'll need to turn off search from Omnibar then...I'm not sure how Chrome could distinguish from a mistyped url from any other search.

Look at the privacy options in the settings.

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In Chrome -> Settings -> Show Advanced Settings in the Privacy section, untick

Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors

Chrome navigation error

You can also tweak Chrome's omnibox settings by going to the URL chrome://omnibox

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