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I am using the following command on my ssh terminal-

 curl -v -L http://mysite/path

to request some data. However, its returning a 404 error(the site is hosted on the same server). But using curl to request data from some other site such as google is working perfectly fine.

Also, the above url loads up perfectly in a browser and on using the same curl command from my localhost terminal to the above url loads up the data just fine.

Is there something amiss? By the way, the server vps is having centos 5.9,64 bit.


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Look in the server logs. – n.m. Jun 20 '13 at 8:45

Your server has at least two IP addresses: the external IP and the internal loop one ( In most setups, the web server's virtual hosts are configured to listen on all available IPs, but it looks in your case the virtual hosts are listening only on external IP. So you need to change the vhost configuration from, for example, to *:80 and then you'll be able to request your site from the same server.


seemed to be an issue of outdated curl libraries.. updated to the latest one from this repo - .. thx for all the help nonetheless...


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