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I want to copy selected files in a sub directory from the source folder to a destination folder, at the same time, preserve the directory structure.


  • source_dir
    • sub1
      • file_1
      • file_2
    • sub2
      • file 3


  • dest_dir
    • sub1
      • file1

How do I issue one command to do that? I tried robocopy

robocopy c:\source_dir c:\dest_dir sub1\file_1 /s

robocopy complained that the file parameter (Parameter #3) is invalid.

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Try this:

robocopy C:\source_dir C:\dest_dir /s /if file1 file2 file3
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that should work except it scans all directory when I want file1 from a specific directory –  Candy Chiu Jun 20 '13 at 18:55

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