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I want to update, my laptop to a SSD flash drive, and want to install the windows that came pre-installed in my machine.

I know there is supposed to be a partition on my current hard drive, that has the copy of the windows in, but what if I want to install a fresh installation, on my new flash drive.

I don't want to copy an identical copy from the hard drive to the flash, I want a fresh installation.

Is there a way to do that ?

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If you see this post here, you find all URL's available to find the matching Windows version that you need.

You can install this version and use your own (genuine) product key.

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Yes I found those link already, and they are the right links. – Lali Pali Jun 20 '13 at 17:17

You can use a disk image copy program like acronis to make a image of your full disk (not the partition). Then extract this image to your new SSD. If you want to fresh install of windows, you can go to the pre-installed partition and make a fresh windows from the pre-installed.

This is just a idea, hope it's help.

Normally I don't like to use pre-installed OS on the Windows's Machines because they install to much bulk software like trail anti-virus and some extra toolbars which annoying and slow down the computer. I suggest to install a fresh new Windows from ISO file from Windows Store, of course you can the original copy download from some pirated site and put your genuine serial.

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