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I have a sheet with site name and associated values.

Site1 100
Site2 123  
Site3 432   
Site20 234

and this is represented in a column/bar chart.

there is a dropdown list of the site names. when the user selects a site, I want the associated row/column in the chart is highlighted... (change colour)

is that possible?

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Take a look at This article at – Detnuomnu Jun 21 '13 at 7:19
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One possible way to do this is with two helper columns and a stacked column (or bar) chart.

You need a data table where the selected site is plotted in a different series. The series to be highlighted is selected in cell G1.

In the example below, the original data values are in column B. The formula in C2 is


The formula in D2 is


Copy both formulas down to row 21. Then build a stacked column chart with two series from columns C and D and x axis labels from column A.

enter image description here

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