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I am trying to make cells in one sheet look up a name in another sheet, and return the value one column to the right of the cell with the name. In itself, a perfect job for VLOOKUP. But, when I implement this in practice, with the formula =VLOOKUP(B2;TypeID!$A$2:$A$8999;2;FALSE), the cell displays "#REF", describing it as "Invalid Cell Reference Error".

I have tried substituting VLOOKUP with an INDEX+MATCH combination, but with the exact same results. I have manually assured that the values in both the lookup_value cell and the table_array cells are the same, with =B2=TypeID!A592, and that they are of the same type, with TYPE. When I use VLOOKUP with index at 1, it returns the value of the cell correctly.

It might be worth noting that the lookup_value and table_array cells are text, but the value I want returned, from the col_index_num cell, is a number.

A small exerpt from the TypeID sheet:

A                     B
1 Amber Cytoserocin  |  ISK 89 999,97 
2 Amber Mykoserocin  |  ISK 2 500,00 

I want to look up a match in the A column, then extract the neighboring value from the B column.

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See answer below. You are only using the Column A range is your VLOOKUP. You need to include Column B – Abe Gold Jun 21 '13 at 12:54

Your range is incorrect. Try this:

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Didn't work. Gives me "#N/A", Value Not Available, instead. – Gipphe Jun 23 '13 at 8:56

=vlookup(B2;TypeID!A:B,2;FALSE) You don't want to use $ on v lookup you want a relative reference not an absolute one. Selecting columns is better if your data changes you don't have to go back and re-do the formulas. If you are new to V-lookup it is helpful to use the formula box and click on the cell you want to reference and the range to make sure you are selecting the right thing the number of the column is more tricky but you can use display column number to see what it is.

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