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In Inkscape 0.48, giving 2 objects: A and B, I want to apply on A a filter (e.g: Filters > Distort > Torn edges) and to subtract the resulting object from B (with Path > Difference).

The problem is that object A not a normal object. When I look at the Edit path by nodes tool, I can see my original nodes. Path > Difference does not work, and Path > Object to path nor even Path > Trace bitmap... does not seem to convert the object with filter to a normal object.

Is it possible at all, and if so how?

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OK, So I found a way. Mind you it is not pretty:

  1. Duplicate the A object, and move the duplicate to an empty location.
  2. Select the isolated duplicate and export the selection as a bitmap.
  3. Import the exported bitmap and apply Path > Trace bitmap... with 2 colors.
  4. Re-adjust the size and location over the original object A.
  5. Delete A.
  6. Now Path > Difference will work.
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