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I have a Lenovo Z580, which has a pre-installed copy of Windows 8.

I want to install only Ubuntu & Windows 7 on it, so I want to format the whole hard-drive. However, I'd like to retain the product key, so that I can re-install Windows 8 in the future.

Now, how do I obtain the product key? Also, if I want to re-install Windows 8, how do I get a legitimate ISO or CD, without paying any extra money?


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OEM keys for windows 8 are generally built into the bios and Windows 8 should auto-activate when its reinstalled.

As for install media, your best bet would be having a read pm the Lenovo community website.

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Since they're built into the BIOS, then formatting the hard drive will not affect them, right? And, this recovery drive that I create is equivalent to an install disc ( as in previous versions of Windows ), right? – Bear Hugger Jun 22 '13 at 12:20
Correct on both counts, a recovery disk is generally a better option as they usually contain drivers for the device without having to rely on standard Windows 8 drivers. – Nathan Kerr Jun 22 '13 at 17:07

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