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Something happened and this app couldn't be installed.

Please Try Again. Error Code: 0x800700b7.

I got this message while trying to upgrade an app in my new Windows 8 PC.

What is the fix?

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I got this message when trying to run an app from a non-admin account on a new Windows 8 PC. Internet searches reveal various suggestions, but for me it seems to have resolved itself after a few hours and multiple reboots.

You shouldn't expect to buy a new Windows PC and use it right away. It will take several hours and several reboots before all of the initial updates are complete.

I suspect that many people have and will encounter this problem.

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After a couple of years and several/various attempts I would suggest the following generalization of the above rule: It is a very bad idea to expect anything on Windows 8 to work on the first try. If you are preparing for something important and timely, you better get it completely setup well in advance. – nobar Mar 20 '15 at 19:42

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