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Sorry, I'm new on Ubuntu, and I've got some problem: I installed RubyMine, moved it to /opt/RubyMine and executed it through /opt/Rubymine/bin/rubymine.sh. But how can I add this app to left panel instead of diving into system folders each time? I tried use "Lock to Launcher", but it didn't work (After closing I clicked by icon but there were no actions). So, how can I fix it?

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  1. In Rubymine menu go to:

    Tools -> Create Desktop Entry...

  2. This will create an application shortcut from the system menu.
  3. Close your Rubymine instance, go to the system menu and type 'Rubymine' - you should see the Rubymine icon under the 'Applications' section. (If you don't see the RubyMine shorcut logout and login of your session and it should now appear)
  4. Click it to open the application
  5. Use the Right Click menu on the RubyMine icon and select 'Lock the Launcher'

It should work fine now.

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Run mine on command line. If mine doesn't exist in /usr/bin, create a link using

ln -s /opt/Rubymine/bin/rubymine.sh /usr/bin/mine
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