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I am trying to map a mouse button to mimic a single press of a ctrl key on the keyboard. (ctrl is used in a game I am playing to toggle displaying some extra info on the screen)

I've tried this but it doesn't seem to actually send the ctrl key:

    Send ^

If I do like this and send ctrl+c then it works (for the purposes of my game), which leads me to believe that the ^ only actually gets sent if it has another key to accompany it.

    Send ^c

I can't seem to find anywhere in the documentation that supports my theory. I am wondering if any one knows whether my hunch is correct and/or of a way that I can send just the ctrl key by itself.

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Try using Send {LControl} or {RControl} depending on what key you wish to send.

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Works perfect, thank you – FoamyGuy Jun 23 '13 at 19:20

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