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I did a fresh install of Debian 7.1 headless, and installed wmii along with several X packages. Wmii opens when I run startx, but not completely, and it is unusable. Although I'm fairly proficient with Linux, I've never used wmii before, so I can't exactly tell you what it isn't doing. I can move the mouse and drag vertical lines from the edges of the screen. Clicking and holding the bottom left of the screen on the "1" gets a small popup that says "Delete". There is a functioning time and date display on the bottom right of the screen, along with some numbers which I don't know the meaning of. My keyboard has no meta key, so I modified wmiirc to use Mod1 (Alt) instead of the Debian default, Mod4.

This isn't the first time I've tried to install wmii on Debian - the same thing happened before on a different installation. Is the wmii package just completely broken in Wheezy, or is there some configuration trick I'm missing?

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I'm pretty sure the problem was that I was starting wmii as root.

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