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I have wi-fi access through my building and access to the router admin panel (but not physical access to the router, keep that in mind).

Given: - a computer that's always on, it has a free ethernet port and wifi connectivity. - a Synology NAS with two ethernet ports. Needs to be online to be used. - my own router (Asus Dark Knight)

My current setup is: - computer has wifi connection on - wifi connection is bridged to ethernet - my router wan input from that bridged ethernet (so in some ass-backwards way my pc is providing my router with internet) - NAS plugged into the router LAN port - I can connect to the NAS through router LAN

Is there a better way to do this?

E.g. connect the NAS directly to the pc and use ad-hoc networking or something (gets rid of one router but the wifi card on the pc might not be able to handle traffic like the router can)

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