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Has anyone used a free or open-source software product to run 360 degree feedback for employee reviews?

My company wants to implement a process and has asked me to build a small web application to administer it and track the responses. Before I build something, I thought I should look for what others have built.

I'll post answers with the two candidates I've found so far, but neither of them look very promising.

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Late answer, but there's also Sonar6, which is web-based and charged per-user so the pricing scales quite easily.

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That looks pretty slick. $9 per person is way cheaper than building something. I'll have to poke around and see if it's got all the features we want. We did a manual process this year, but we might try this product next year. – Don Kirkby Feb 17 '10 at 19:31

Somebody built a proof-of-concept at Open Universiteit Nederland, but it doesn't seem finished. I'm guessing it was a research project that got abandoned. Might make a good starting point, but the Eclipse platform isn't a great fit for what I want to do.

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quick360 is a free web app that lets you send predefined questionnaires to your employees. You can't edit the questions. There are paid versions that let you do more.

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