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I have a Palit GT220 Graphics Card. I've bought a DVI-D (Dual Link) to VGA Adapter in hope I could use dual monitor feature. The problem is that there's no display on the DVI-D to VGA Monitor, yet the NVidia CP detects already two monitors.

What is the problem here?

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I considered making this a comment, but getting the information and picture in one of these failed. Please tell me if you actually have an expensive, active adapter and I will delete this.

What is the problem here?

You are trying to use DVI-D (which is digital only) to VGA (which is analog only).

You can not do that unless you use an active convertor to completely translate the information. A mere cable or passive adapter will not suffice.

For more information in the difference between the DVI version, check out Wikipedia's article on DVI. Especially the part where they show the connector, its digital parts and its optional analog parts.

DVI pin out, once more

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