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I have a laptop for a year and half (Acer Aspire 5755G-2438G75Mnks i5-2430M 8GB 750GB nVIDIA GT 540M 2GB Linux - with windows 7 ultimate on it) and I encountered until now two problems regarding the internet:

1.In this period I went multiple times with him in other locations and,having cable internet or 3G modem, I wanted to make a wifi hotspot. No matter how I tried (manual from windows or with some special programs) I hadn't succeded. I succeded to create the hotspot itself, but it said that it had "no internet access". Then I tried to create one from my friend's laptop with the same cable internet or 3G modem and I succeded to create a functional wifi hotspot.

2.Two weeks ago I was on a trip in France and I was hosted in the Ecole Polytechnique's campus from Paris. There I had cable internet with instructions given to introduce specific IP,DNS,Gateway and proxy server for the browser. Surprisingly or not, my laptop was the only one that couldn't connect to internet. Strange it was that after introducing the IP,DNS and Gateway at the internet ipv4 properties,after closing that windows,when I tried to re-open that window,the Gateway field was blank (not even completed with 0,just blank). I couldn't manage to stop this happen,so I connected to internet through a wifi hotspot made by a colleague.

Otherwise the laptop is normal. It can connect to wifi internet everywhere (both at my wifi router or anywhere else) and to 3G internet modem. Also,something to mention in addition : in the laptop's drivers there was something called Intel WiMax, but I couldn't ever install it because it said that the WiMax adapter could not have been found. Is this related to the problems above?

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You need to supply a driver for your WiMax WiFi device. I would contact Acer support in order to locate this driver –  Ramhound Jun 24 '13 at 14:33

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